Abdulsalam Ajaj

Light collector.

My name is Abdulsalam Ajaj, I'm a self-taught photographer/retoucher born in Damascus, Syria 1995

I've developed an interest in photography at a young age by being exposed to the term "Light painting" photography gave me a medium to express my creativity and explore my passion for light and composition. Soon after, I started practicing retouching which added an extra layer of enjoyment to the whole process and made it easy to externalize my ideas out of imagination into reality.

I like to experiment and I'm not afraid to follow unorthodox methods to achieve new results. For the past three years, my aesthetic has been focused on body positivity and performance art with a mix of architecture.

I'm interested in Fine art, fashion, architecture, and portrait photography in addition to Event photography.
I'm also available for work as a photo retoucher and video editing (mainly focused on color grading)

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